The Hunger and Thirst for Truth

KHMS is here for those who thirst for truth, however difficult it may be to find.

We are NOT here for those who will just accept anything said by ‘OTHER PEOPLE’ of any era, to be the absolute word of ‘God’ without bothering to question this assertion or to think for themselves, using their own ‘God’ given intelligence.  If you think you have some truth, truly known and understood, then why not open it up for scrutiny by enquiring and caring minds, and see if it can stand up to the test…or see if it begins to fall apart… @ KHMS we consider that Truth can ‘ALWAYS’ bare intense scrutiny.

We observe that it is through pursuing Truth at any cost, that you will come to ‘know’ GOD.

We are working with the principal that it is through the purification of your re-incarnating soul that you will come to ‘see’ GOD in all his glory.
The perfection spoken of by the Christ can rarely be attained during one lifetime.

(Brock j 2019)