The Hebrews

We @ KHMS are interested in Christs’ message, example and teachings, rather than unsolvable questions such as did Yeshua have brothers and sisters?  Did Christ write a letter to a king in his day, a record of which still survives, or did he not?

These and many more questions around and about the life of Yeshua Christ, may be debated and speculated upon for the next five hundred years, with no final conclusive evidence one way or another.

Though it cannot be denied that God the Father, engaged with and seems to have revealed something of himself, to the Jewish nation on multiple occasion and also Christ addressed much of his ministry to that nation in particular at the beginning… We @ KHMS are not interested in many of the stories, myths and legends from Judaist literature, beyond those which help to give us a greater clarity and insight into the origins of the world and Christ`s appearance as the prophesied ‘Messiah’.

We also consider it probable that the Hebrew nation who worshiped a number of different ‘Gods’ before, during and after what was said to be the time of Moses, may have actually been also under the influence of other, unknown supernatural entities, as there is much evidence to support this possibility.

The Romans

We @ KHMS know without doubt and can demonstrate very clearly to any Christian who still has an open mind and loves truth, that Christians have in fact been tricked & deceived from the time of Constantine.  Perhaps the greatest trick, was that a section of the Jewish priesthood and the Empire of Rome KILLED Christ.

The Roman Empire then took over Christianity for political purposes calling themselves the Mother Church… and the Jewish priesthood had a version of their entire Canon, much of which, IS irrelevant to understanding the life and work of Yeshua ‘The Christ’ glued back to back with ‘His’ rapidly spreading testament gospel!  We think at KHMS that this is very suspicious?

The deception IS ongoing, if you want to know more, we have a mass of evidence to show you how the various deceptions are woven into biblical texts and the surrounding paraphernalia of our every day lives.  BUT… “You will know the truth and it will set you free”.

John 8:32

(Brock j 2019)