The Description within The Deception

Would God allow the record of his Son ‘Yeshua the Christ’ and his mission, his testament, his self-sacrifice for the lives of many to ever be lost or erased, completely tarnished or re-written to a point of becoming unrecognisable?  Certainly not!
The Gospels which surely, can only be approximate renderings of the real wonder of the original life, demonstration, teachings and dramatic events of Christ’s mission have most certainly been miraculously protected and preserved.
Modern men two thousand years later, can still feel like Christ speaks to them personally, his truths resonating as strong, if not stronger today than they did then.
Christ achieved just what he said he would, world coverage for his New Testament, delivered to every nation on earth, from a tiny enclave in the middle east.

It doesn’t matter what surrounds a diamond, or other gem, pearl or stone, the beauty is innate and waits only to be discovered, extracted, cleaned up and polished to radiate its precious light, colour, and magnetism.
Was the adversary indifferent to the appearance of a new testament?  Would he not relish the opportunity by hook or by crook, to corrupt the message of the one he failed to tempt away from service to his father and humanity?  You can bet he certainly hasn’t sat back and allowed the good news to spread unhindered.  Corruption is his middle name.  It is what he is and what he does…. all you need to do is read from all the various modern Bi-Bull translations, to see how he is still, in minute increments, slowly but surely changing words, meanings, emphasis and interpretations.  Has this extra-curricular espionage been prevented?  Has the use of Bi-Bull text by vested political interests for their own power-hungry ends, wars, witch-hunts, persecutions, enslavements and tortures, been outlawed by God?  It would appear not.  The dirt, the rubbish, the garbage, the corruption has been allowed to gather around the Gospels like moss upon a stone.
But why?
A clue lies in statements made by Christ, “Do not give what is Holy to the Dogs, nor cast your pearls before swine lest they trample them under their feet and turn and tear you to pieces” . (Mathew 7:6)
The rubbish allowed over the centuries to accumulate in and around biblical texts, has been allowed to remain there to protect the Truth which is Holy and precious, from base elements of humanity who do not possess the faculties needed for a comprehensive study or understanding of the mysteries of heaven.
Again in Christ`s own words, “To you it is given to understand the mysteries of heaven, but to them it is not given” . (Mathew 13:11)

(Brock j 2022)