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Together working with Christ today and forever more, 'WE' are the Adamic race.

The Adamic Race

@ Kingdom of Heaven Mission School, we are serious, yet joyful.  We don`t show happy faces and smiles, unless we truly mean it.  We are dedicated and sincere and aspire to be TRULY Christian.

We are the ‘ADAMIC RACE’ spoken of in Genesis, who do not mind taking on ‘THE’ difficult task, of finding our way back to The Kingdom of Heaven once more, where, as the ‘Sun of Man’ indicated is indeed to be found within us.

The LOVE and TRUTH we have experienced, seen and known, to whatever individual degree, makes our trust in God and the Consciousness of his Son ‘The Christ’ and our Holy Spirits amazingly strong.

We seek to make ourselves free completely of fear, self-delusion, blind belief and mere wishful thinking.

We seek to ‘KNOW’ if the Holy Spirits are real and if it could be the case that what people commonly take for reality is but a charade, a breeding ground for all kinds of self-hypnosis, delusion and mental illness, which determines the nature of the world in which we currently live.

We consider the possibility that we exist within a vast energy gener-A-TOR and that man`s energies if not preserved and used wisely, are plundered and transferred to serve other functions within the solar system that do not have man`s best interests at heart. 

We consider that we often seem to be surfing upon a sea of social madness and that the world we see through the senses is dis-functional in so many ways, because it has lost touch with God, The Supreme Being.

And because of this disconnection we are surrounded by a world of lies, traps, deceptions, mistrust, suspicions, judge-‘mental’ judges, addictions, boredom, fears, incompetence, insecurity, slavery, violence, violation and multiple diseases of mind and body.

This is not just some negative world view held by a bunch of grumpy people…This ‘IS’ and has been for centuries the UN-reality we have had to live within, behind the media “Fun fair” and ‘happy chap’ shallow distractions, fed to the people through the media propaganda.

Christ came to earth to rescue those who could hear what he had to say.

To us @ Kingdom of Heaven Mission School, the world as it is currently, is a deceptive environment… but we search for and in some cases, have found a very different world within!

This world within, is a world that will sometime in the future, express its beauty upon the earth. 

It is through the redemption of Adamic man that this change will happen.  Through Spiritual men and women of heavenly origin who, having been through the many trials and tribulations of earthly existence, have finally and conclusively, risen from their fall, far wiser for the experience, than they could otherwise have been.

(Brock j 2019)