Christian Truthism and Other Religions

To us @ KHMS Christ, the Son of God, Sun of man, is the highest truth possible.... He came for the whole world, all people, every nation... Christ being the Love aspect of the wholly trinity, can only be that Love with which the Sufis, through their inner disciplines and explorations were able to experience. You will see that their testimonies of that love, harmonize with the qualities and revelations as shown by Christ.

In the original ancient Hindu scriptures... Brahma, sounds very much, like God the father of Christianity... How can we say, that God the father, the supreme being did not speak to humanity throughout the previous thousands of years, saying that HE began only doing so two thousand years ago with the advent of Christianity... or two thousand years before that with Moses... surely does not make sense regarding an element of creation he seems to care for so deeply... A question we are pondering @ KHMS is... Is Vishnu an earlier representation of Christ... Who biblically was said to have been begotten from the very beginning... The truthism aspect of KHMS means that we consider possibilities and search for solid representative evidence...

The TAO in Taoism, possibly describes God the fathers essence and quailites and the wisdom he endows upon those who find him, like perhaps no other scripture ever written.

Brock j 2022