KHMS exists to facilitate the growth of individuals, those who wish to become REAL Christians.

We study the HOW of walking in Christ`s footsteps, finding the Kingdom of Heaven, re-connecting to the Supreme Being in real terms, through our Holy Spirits, beyond mere imagination, or belief and wishful thinking.

If you have tried various Christian groups, New age/Spiritual development schools but have found nothing which truly quenches your thirst for truth, then KHMS might be just what you have been looking for.

Our meet ups are informal, with a basic, simple and clear approach and format.  There are progressive levels of study material to be considered at each meeting. You will be encouraged to use and exercise your thinking abilities and emotional sensitivity, and will be encouraged to intelligently, carefully and respectfully question and debate the material put forward.

We meet up to discuss the current study material and usually agree a home study/research project as a collective endeavour.

Brock 2019.

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