First, it has to be said that, most certainly the Jewish culture of the time 2,000 years ago was chosen to be the community to host the arrival of CHRIST…The Son of God, and to be the foremost possible beneficiaries of his presence in the World.
But ultimately, mostly they rejected him, this is why, they remain faithful to Judaism and do not follow Christ, seek the Christ life, seek the kingdom of Heaven or convert on mass to Christianity.
Judaism does not recognise that Christ was the Son of God, or The Messiah they themselves were and still are waiting for. 

In fact apparently, they are still waiting even today for their Messiah…and it is not Christ.
Obviously, if this is truly the case, (do some research) then how can they be considered any longer as God`s so called “Chosen people” if they rejected the Son, they rejected God also yet again, as they are two aspects of ONE and the same being 

….are they not?
They obviously were chosen, and what an honour that was, but God is not Mocked EVER, either by the adversaries of the Underworld or the unfaithful who turn their backs on him. 

Not because God is vengeful or vindictive, but simply because consequences to all and every action or inaction are written in the very code of life itself.

If you reject the highest when HE calls you, then the lowest will surely be standing in the wings, licking his lips and rubbing his hands together.
Now, if they as a people rejected God, (think of the story of Moses apparently smashing the commandment tablets, because his people still continued to worship the old gods, the Golden Calf, Molech and the like)…and on top of that, they also reject the Son of God, with a significant portion of their religious EL-ites actually falsely accusing him and delivering him into the hands of the Roman Empire for torture and crucifixion…

What on earth would you then be doing, after denying an incredible opportunity, to be the for-runners of a new spiritual era, whereby not only the nation of Israel would have been raised up to a higher level of understanding and being, than the mere adherence to laws, which were ever increasing and restricting of their freedom and creativity, but that they would then be able to guide and demonstrate to the whole world what it meant to be once more, true Sons and Daughters of God.   

But still claiming to be the “Chosen people” and also trying to claim hereditary lineage to Christ, through the line of David…
Are you Joking!!!

  • Christ, refutes the notion that he, the Messiah could ever be referred to as the Son of David….Mathew 22:41-45
  • Christ said to them, “Therefore I say to you, the kingdom of God will be taken from you and given to a nation bearing the fruits thereof”. Mathew 21:43
  • Isaiah cries out to the heavens that of all the Israelites, but a remnant shall be saved…Romans 9:27



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