Entry into Heaven and Our state of Being

Kingdom of Heaven Mission School students need to be involved in the continuous development of their Physical, Emotional, and Mental faculties, in order that those faculties can at some point properly serve their higher Spiritual aspect, The Holy Spirit.
@ KHMS we understand that this work on your self has to be steadily progressive and appeal to you, as something worth pursuing, as we consider that we can surely not expect to find or approach the Kingdom of Heaven, if we are not fit to connect to it, or exist within it.
Christ himself indicated very stringent measures were needed such as, “Be perfect as your father in Heaven is perfect” and “Only those who have done the Will of my father” will receive entry into the Kingdom of Heaven.
If people prefer to remain exactly as they are, believing that God will indeed accept them, just as they are, this surely makes no sense?  Obviously heaven would then be full of people who have not renewed their minds, nor found out what the will of God is for them, and so Heaven would be just a repetition of what earth is, only in a spiritual format.
We consider that the world which is called Heaven, is full of perfected spirits.  Otherwise why would Christ have said “Be perfect as your father in heaven is perfect” .
(Mathew 5:48)
This perfecting takes time, effort and guidance.  There may be so much to work through, that this “perfection” spoken of may not even be achievable this time around.
The Way IS Narrow, which leads to the Heavenly Dimensions…and in Christ`s own words, belongs “Only to those who have done my father`s will”… The process it seems IS selective.
But @ KHMS we consider that no one is lost if they do not wish to be lost.  If you don’t make it this time it doesn’t matter, at least you will certainly and truly find the very best direction for your life and see improving results accordingly.

(Brock j 2019)