We are NOT a Ch-Ur-Ch… We are not a Sect or a Cult… We have no EL-ders.  
We are never led.  
We are not a flock and do not depict or conform to any sheep-like bee-hive-your.
 We cannot be herded or goaded, threatened or enticed…
We do not follow what we do not completely understand… We do not Be-LIE-Eve… For WE are seekers of Truth…

We CONSIDER that the highest truth, is The Truth Christ brought to our world.  That he was and is the Saviour of Souls.  The Son of God.  The Sun of Man… who walked upon this earth in human form, in order to show the depth of The Supreme Being`s Love for his children… and to show, by his teaching, example and sacrifice, how those children may once again re-cognise, their true origin, ascend and re-connect with the Heavenly Estate from which they once fell, imbued now with the wisdom never to fall again…

(Brock j 2019)


KHMS exists to facilitate the growth of individuals, those who wish to become REAL Christians.

We study the HOW of walking in Christ`s footsteps, finding the Kingdom of Heaven, re-connecting to the Supreme Being in real terms, through our Holy Spirits, beyond mere imagination or belief and wishful thinking.


If you have tried various Christian groups, New age/Spiritual development schools but have found nothing which truly quenches your thirst for truth, then KHMS might be just what you have been looking for.

Our meet ups are informal, with a basic, simple and clear approach and format. 


There are progressive levels of study material to be considered at each meeting.  You will be encouraged to use and exercise your thinking abilities and emotional sensitivity and will be encouraged to intelligently, carefully and respectfully question and debate all or any part of the material put forward.


We meet up to discuss the current study material and usually agree a home study/research project as a collective endeavour.


When we say, “we study the Bible”  we mean just that, we study it critically, we do NOT just accept it, because others choose to believe it is from cover to cover the word of God.  Why?  Because we use our God given intelligence and that intelligence very quickly highlights a number of problems and inconsistencies within the book itself, in its historical, textual and doctrinal aspects.  We search hard for the truth concealed within it.


(Brock j 2019)