James Brock

Born 14/01/1962

Wolverhampton UK

Age: 7
‘IN’ the World but not ‘OF’ the World.

Brock remembered coming to the earth as a spirit before being born as a human baby, he retained this memory up to his late teen years… Now he cannot remember the experience at all, he only remembers, that he used to remember.

Brock was born out of wed-lock to an unknown musician and a lady publican and was given up for adoption to mid-level working class parents, who lived on what was then the largest and most trouble-filled council estate in Europe.

Brock was bullied in this environment, throughout most of his childhood and early teens.  His adopted parents enrolled him into a local Judo club at the age of 10 and at 15 years old he began training at a local Boxing club.  Brock never gave up his interest in those disciplines, but he didn’t find enough in those sports to be specifically useful or applicable to the real life threats he faced.


Age: 19
‘IN’ the World and Perplexed ‘BY’ the World.

Brock, in his 20`s developed an MMA self defence training system, ten years before the UFC came into being and had his training system recognised by the then UK umbrella organization called the AMA, which was at that time under the watch of Tom Hibbert MBE.
Brock`s Self Defence method was called ‘Savant Tao’ meaning ‘The Way of the Savant’ and proved its effectiveness numerous times both for himself and many other people he had trained.

Age: 29
Just ‘ONE FOOT’ in the ‘MARKET PLACE’…

After working some time as a personal trainer, Brock suffered a painful back condition, which no one seemed to be able to help him with.  He took to studying the postural correction methods of FM Alexander and from this and his knowledge of anatomy and physical training he was able to resolve the issue completely. 
He then studied around the clock and gained a number of recognised qualifications in Physical and Sports Therapies. 

Brock then developed a body re-alignment method.  Using this method, he worked in London for over eight years and helped many people who, like himself, could find no relief from their physical pains through any of the other available channels.

Brock then took his skills both Martial and Therapeutic to the city of Mumbia in India, where he was warmly welcomed and offered a place to practice within a variety of venues owned by a major nationwide, Indian leisure complex.

From his early teens, in response to the violence which he experience personally and that which he had seen, watching documentaries such as the “World at War”, from the age of around seventeen he began to study human behaviour, psychology, religion and took a strong interest in eastern philosophical studies.

These studies culminated in over 30 years of personal development and research into the nature of consciousness and its varying levels.  He eventually came to a crystal clear realization that God was Spirit, that Christ was Spirit and that Spirit was just another name for Consciousness…

Brock wrote and published a book which was available for some time on Kindle, called…

‘Sage Against, The Machine – The way of the internal warrior’. 

The book is probably still somewhere to be found online, even though it is physically out of print.

After all the years of study, research and development, he realized that the notion of the Son of God, as having walked upon this earth, as a human being, needed to be taken very seriously.

He decided as with the Martial arts and the Physical Therapy studies of his past, that he would need to find out exactly what this historic event… The Life and Ministry of Christ had really, all been about and what it’s relevance was for the human race then, today and in the future…

As with his martial arts, where in his research and development he found thousands of people practising useless techniques, that would never work in a million years in reality, similarly, in his therapy studies, he discovered many courses filled with anything and everything other than any real knowledge, he also found that much nonsense and falsity existed, in what was regarded as “Orthodox” or Main-Stream Christianity.

The Kingdom of Heaven Mission School is the result of those studies…

Age: 60
‘IN’ the World, but not ‘OF’ the World.